10-Up is a fast paced app based on a popular game played on public transport where you combine 4 numbers to equal 10. Now this game to pass the time has been turned into an app! In this game your goal is to achieve as many 10-Up's as possible ! If you can't get 10 - don't worry, you will still get points for being as close as possible. Challenge yourself to achieve combo points by getting a '10-Up' multiple times in a row. The 10-Up game is great both for kids and adults alike. It can serve as a challenging way to pass the time but can also be used educationally for children keeping their on-the-spot simple math skills sharp! Try it and see how many you can solve!

Feedback List

As the game continues to grow on the market, the 10-Up game must continually grow as well. This is not possible without the feedback of all users and beta testers. With direct feedback from testers, the following items are to be addressed in the 1.3 release of 10-Up.
If you have feedback on the game, email me @ feedback[at]andrewsario[dot]com if you have any enquiries or suggestions.


  1. Add drag capabilities for user interaction input
  2. Layout changes to make app intuitive
  3. Allow user to step back their move
  4. More animation to aid the gameplay e.g. implement animation with timer. Also as each time a 10 is achieved it has an effect on the 10 character
  5. Desktop App - Add direct keyboard input


  1. Add high score
  2. Add Score based achievements e.g. achieving 100 points gives a rookie score
  3. Add in-game trophy's e.g. for achieving particular combo's, getting a score within a certain time limit etc.
  4. Level system for users - another game mode with individual levels to complete with a star system etc.
  5. Share to Facebook - allow users to share their scores and achievements directly to Facebook


The current marketing campaign for 10-Up will grow based on the growth of the app in the market. As the game develops into a more complete user experience the marketing will increase and will also aim for a campaign to push the iOS and Android platforms. In it's current state, the marketing focus will stay on the 10-Up game itself enticing users to want to play the game.

Upcoming 10-Up Marketing Ventures

  1. Gameplay video
  2. Press release
  3. Game review by the Video Game Island
  4. Review by other media sources

The Game

For direct communication with 10-Up visit the Facebook page where you can read other user comments as well. 10-Up on Facebook
You can also download the game here !

It's a simple game concept intended to be both addictive and challenging for the player. There are plans on the horizon to bring the app to other markets such as the Google Play market and also the Apple App Store. Future plans depend purely on the success of this app on the relatively small Windows 8 App store.