Ba I love you ProJ


As I've started to explore the world and see different places, I've been blessed to be able to experience it with the love of my life.
We already have our favorite places in the world but we still aim to see more of the world together. We've seen many places and taken many photo's too but this will provide an opportunity to track where we have gone and map where we would like to travel to in the future. Things haven't always gone to plan or our way but we've always had a great experience and learned from it together.
This is a way we can not only look back on our travels but to look forward as well and not take anything for granted. I'm excited for new opportunities coming up for us and hope we can continue to explore the world together.
Here's a map showing where we have been and also an upcoming trip to the Philippines and Hong Kong later this year.

ProJ Travel Map

As can be seen we've started out with a few places in Australia and the United States and details of these trips including photos of these places are listed in detail below.

ProJ ProJ
ProJ ProJ